Life SAVING Skills.

Awareness + Preparation=Avoidance.


When faced with a challenge we can curse the darkness or shine a light.



While it is unpleasant to consider the reality that Places of Worship, Schools and Businesses need a security plan, ignoring that fact is becoming both more difficult and more dangerous. 


Training - For Life, located in Northern Michigan, offers a full picture approach to safety and security training. We address the full range of professional safety and security concerns found in today’s environment.


We specialize in: 

​Safety and security assessments of your facility, training in awareness, recognizing warning signs, deterrence, de-escalation, threat mitigation including hands on and firearms skills. Advanced training areas include: cameras, radios, fire, medical and more.


We work with organizations such as Law enforcement, Church/Synagogue Security Teams, K-12 Schools and Businesses. We apply nationally recognized standards and best practices to customize training for each client.

We offer training at our facilities as well as on-site at your location. We are located in Northern Michigan but travel statewide.

what we do.


The first step in the process. Lets see where you are.

pillars of security

A comprehensive approach to teach and maintain the fundamentals of safety.

Advanced ongoing training

Skill sets are perishable. Stay current on the latest training and techniques.

Training services for those with blindness, low vision or other challenges

Training is available for the visually impaired and blind community.