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Awareness + Preparation=Avoidance.

Life SAVING Skills.

When faced with a challenge we can curse the darkness or shine a light.


While it is unpleasant to consider the reality that Places of Worship, Schools and Businesses need a security plan, ignoring that fact is becoming both more difficult and more dangerous. 


Training - For Life, located in Northern Michigan, offers a full picture approach to safety and security training. We address the full range of professional safety and security concerns found in today’s environment.


We specialize in: 

​Safety and security assessments of your facility, training in awareness, recognizing warning signs, deterrence, de-escalation, threat mitigation including hands on and firearms skills. Advanced training areas include: cameras, radios, fire, medical and more.


We work with organizations such as Law enforcement, Church/Synagogue Security Teams, K-12 Schools and Businesses. We apply nationally recognized standards and best practices to customize training for each client.

We offer training at our facilities as well as on-site at your location. We are located in Northern Michigan but travel statewide.


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