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We believe that life is our greatest gift and that it should be loved, celebrated, protected and defended.

Churches, Synagogues and Places of Worship

Some of the most responsible and proactive churches have assembled volunteer “security teams” with limited budgets to support their efforts, but the question remains…what can they really do to make their congregations safer? The answer is… quite a lot. A realistic security plan and sincere security team can significantly mitigate hazards in a reasonable, lawful and non-fear based manner. There is a balance to be struck and that balance is very individualized for each organization. There is a healthy range of preparation and responses available that can help churches avoid potential security problems before they become actual threats. The linch-pin, is quality training.


Whether you are thinking of starting a security team/ ministry or you already have one in place, we  can help you build and or strengthen your team to serve your community and be even more effective.


Educational Institutions

Our children are our most precious resource. Seeing harm come to them is perhaps the most profound pain our society can endure.


It seems like each week we hear about another active shooter event at a school. After each tragic report the natural questions follow… what were the warning signs? Could it have been prevented? How could it have been stopped with less loss of life?  ​We can address these questions and concerns to help you make meaningful security changes a reality.

Businesses - Financial Institutions - Newspapers - Radio/TV Broadcasting

Lets Face it, the world we live in is getting more challenging every day and what it takes to remain safe in your workplace is an ongoing issue.  Let us help you develop a proactive plan that ensures the safety of your customers and employees. Refuse to let your small to medium sized business become a victim.

Training Services & Goals


Our initial goals for individuals and organizations are to raise the overall level of professionalism, heighten security awareness, inspire confidence, and improve the ability to respond appropriately. 

We assist our clients to maintain a welcoming environment for their activities while improving safety and reducing liability concerns. We develop plans and teams for the purpose of protecting and saving lives.

We consider the clients interests of reducing liability while providing a friendly atmosphere with a safe environment for everyone involved.

Our Background

We draw upon backgrounds in:  self-defense, firearms instruction, private security, church security, Israeli defense/security methods, law enforcement and cyber security.  Each team member is licensed, and/or certified and experienced (over 60 yrs. combined) in their respective fields.