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Advanced and ongoing training

Verbal & Non Verbal

Hands off & Hands on Training These are verbal and non verbal conflict de-escalation and resolution methods designed to handle situations from non violent interruptions to violent threats.

The Goal is to increase overall individual and team safety. This reduces potential injury and liability. This training includes communication with others as it relates to physical control, restraints, escorts and or moving by standers to safety in an emergency.

Let us show your team how to respond in a manner that deescalates and calms things down, rather than escalating the situation to another level.

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Advanced Self Defense Training

Women only and Security Team Courses Available.

We utilize the most effective methods from police PPCT (Pressure and Pain Compliance Tactics) as well as Krav Maga (Israeli Self Defense) to help you defend and prevail against common attacks by one or more individuals.

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Medical Training

Basic First Aid and Trauma Emergencies.

Active, licensed professionals provide the skills to address a range of practical concerns such as; accidents, strokes, heart attacks and even basic penetration wounds from a knife or bullet.

These skills bridge the gap between identifying an emergency and the arrival of first response teams several minutes later. These are life saving skills pure and simple.

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Emergency Kit Assembly

Places of worship, schools and businesses should all have some sort of emergency kit beyond first aid, that is purpose driven to assist in problem solving and life saving.

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Flashlight Training

How to select and use a flashlight effectively for safety concerns as well as personal security and self defense.

The flashlight is an important tool for any individual or team unarmed or otherwise. It is perhaps the most overlooked and misunderstood piece of safety equipment.

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Pepper Spray Training

Learn how to deploy pepper spray effectively without contaminating bystanders, how to fight through being exposed to pepper spray, how to handle a subject that has been pepper sprayed, cleanup, legal considerations and product selection.

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Close Quarters Firearms Use

All about using firearms in close quarters. Includes Topics such as firearm retention and disarming.

Learn the positive and negative limits of using a firearm in close proximity to a violent threat and potentially in a crowded environment. Learn how to prevent your firearm from being forcibly taken from you while at the same time learn how to potentially remove one from a violent attacker. This training can be done at your facility with inert training firearms and or at the range. These are essential safety skills.

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Firearms Basic

Safety, professional handling skills and shot placement training or proficiency qualifications.

This is highly recommended at least once a year.

We believe that although firearms use is rarely required and should only be used as a last resort, the consequences require armed teams to have a high level of training and responsibility. We emphasize moral and legal boundaries as they apply to the use of force. Carrying a firearm and using one to protect others is much different than what most individuals are accustomed to from square range practice. Our trainers have an extensive background in this area. We combine decades of experience with the best practices in use by elite units worldwide to advance your team’s safety confidence and effectiveness.

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Force on Force Training

We combine air-soft guns, protective equipment and real-world scenarios at your facility to lend a higher degree of urgency and realism.

Problem solving becomes more meaningful when the bad guys can shoot back even if it is just a gentle sting.

This will get your heart pumping and teach you lessons that can only be learned by adding a mild amount of stress.

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All Hazards & Disaster Preparedness

We will identify several reasonable man-made and natural hazards that can interrupt your organization’s continuity of operations or service.

We will discuss reasonable products and preventative measures to minimize the impact of these events to protect your investment as well as people safety.

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Firearm Video Simulator

Once you have the professional skills of safety and handling with your firearm you can move up to the next level.

This is State of the art “virtual training” by Laser Shot Systems that develops performance and problem solving skills in high stress situations.

You will also receive individual performance feedback from your instructor. This technology is usually only available to large government or law enforcement agencies.

This training is invaluable to improving individual and team response in a crisis.

Available at your facility or ours.

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We offer complete custom and consultative based training. 

Training is custom tailored based on the individual and or group needs on a per case basis.

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