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Training services for those with blindness, low vision or other challenges

Services are adapted appropriately for each client group including the end-user as well as their responsible leaders, for example, parents, educators, caregivers, advocates and protectors. These services focus on the needs of young people in their high school or college years. We are also happy to serve veterans and other client groups upon request.


Individuals with challenges routinely have adaptive skills that others do not. We incorporate those strengths and apply them to subjects that; develop employment skills, encourage achievement, improve daily living and enhance personal safety/security. We promote a positive and problem-solving mindset that embraces ability and overcoming obstacles in order to live life fully. Our goal is to provide effective tools that can help make lives better.

Essential Life Skills and Employment Series

Drawn from skill development work done with business groups and other highly effective teams.


  • Information gleaned from a variety of professions

  • Leaders in personal motivation and achievement.

Methods are in use today by; 


  • Business leaders

  • Sports teams

  • Military

  • Law-enforcement

  • Educators


Choose to live life purposefully.


  • Decades of practical experience and wisdom


  • Customized specifically for young people.

Full printable brocure here

Campus Readiness Training

Suitable for young adults preparing to complete high school and pursue higher education. (May also include returning veterans with vision issues) To promote a successful transition away from the comfort and protection of parents and family to meet the unique challenges of college or university life on or off-campus. 

Some subjects include;


  • Mindset 

  • Threat identification

  • Awareness

  • Prevention

  • Boundary Setting

  • Social Activities

  • Parties

  • Social media

  • Mobility

  • Additional Resources.

Personal Safety and Security Training

Specifically, for those in the low vision community. This is often the first step for many individuals. Suitable for men and women from late teens to seniors.

Lecture and scenario-based training will address a range of potential risks and potential approaches to avoid those risks.


Some of the subjects covered;


  • A positive healthy mindset 

  • Threat identification

  • Awareness

  • Prevention

  • De-escalation

  • Improving daily environment

Note: self-defense techniques are not covered in this training.

Self-defense Training

Suitable for high school students and up.

This is a standalone course or in combination with the Personal Safety and Security Training mentioned above.

Some of the subjects covered;


  • Mindset

  • The law/right to self-defense

  • Threat identification

  • Awareness

  • Physical self-defense 

  • De-escalation

Special attention will be given to defense with or without a mobility cane or other tools found in one’s environment. We may include guide dog considerations. We use simple and effective techniques taken from a variety of defensive approaches that are reasonable and well accepted. They include impact and non-impact-based techniques.