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Personal Safety and Security Training

Addresses young adult & parental concerns.

This is similar to the Campus Readiness Training without the college/university focus. Designed for young adults that may not yet be considering higher education, may have already completed it, or maybe pursuing employment or other options.

The goal is to promote a successful transition to meet the unique challenges of an active life. This is naturally a foreign process for young adults as well as their parents.


We take great care to inform both interests in an honest, kind and non-fear-based manner. Although we expect the best from situations in life and the people we meet, we also have to recognize and be prepared for circumstances that do not match that ideal.


This training provides informed options and tools to help reduce those potentially serious situations. Aspects of the training include enhanced awareness, confidence and critical thinking, which can benefit every other area of life. We encourage finding a balance between doing nothing which denies vulnerability and being fearful or even paranoid which can lead to living a limited life.


Some subjects include:


Mindset, threat identification, awareness, prevention, verbal physical and other boundary setting.


Related discussions may include; route planning/ transportation, personal/ professional relationships, social activities, social media, and additional resources to improve one’s daily environment.

Duration, 2 to 4 hrs. upon request.


*Note Self-defense techniques/methods are available in training listed separately.
Training can be customized to meet veteran or other client groups upon request.

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