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pillars of security

Pillars I 

Staff/team training

We offer a comprehensive training program that gets staff members, or safety/security teams (new or existing) into a strong position. This is a very manageable approach for organizations to address a wide spectrum of relevant issues and skill sets.


1. Initial security assessment of your facility with a detailed written report.


2. Team selection/refinement and organizational assistance. We can help you bring out the best in your people.


Included: lecture, group discussions and scenario based demonstrations/exercises, security team manual template and other printed materials.


Subjects: Mindset, detecting a threat, deterrence, de-escalation, verbal, hands off/ hands on contact methods, legal concerns, use of non-lethal and lethal force, related safety equipment, the aftermath, policies and procedures and more.


Presented at your facility by multiple instructors.

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teamwork & professional development

Lectures, role-playing and scenario based problem solving.

Customized to your organization.

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active shooter

threat response

Active Shooter Response and Active Threat Response Training is quickly becoming one of the most sought after services we offer.

This involves lecture, discussion, and scenario based training.

We teach teams on direct responses, room clearing, lock downs, evacuations and reunification.

We offer this service onsite at your facility and/or the range based on your organizations specific needs and goals.

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PERSONAL safety and security training

This is often the first step for many individuals. Suitable for men and women from late teens to seniors. Lecture and scenario-based training will address a range of potential risks and potential approaches to avoid those risks.

Some of the subjects covered; a positive healthy mindset toward one’s security, threat identification, awareness, prevention, de-escalation, improving one’s daily environment and additional resources.

Note: self-defense techniques are not covered in this training.

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self defense training

Suitable for high school students and up.

This is a standalone course or in combination with the Personal Safety and Security Training mentioned above.

Some subjects covered; mindset, the law and your right to self-defense, threat identification, awareness, de-escalation and physical self-defense methods.

We use simple and effective techniques taken from a variety of defensive approaches that are reasonable and well accepted.

They include impact and non-impact-based techniques taken from Israeli Krav Maga, Police PPCT, Aikido and more.

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Concealed pistol license training

It is important to emphasize that a CPL starts the process for responsible firearm ownership and use but It is far from preparing individuals for the realities of carrying or using a firearm in a security team context.

We recommend the state approved NRA course.

Great Guns LLC, offers a very high quality course several times a year at the Kingsley Sportsman’s Club just outside of Kingsley on 6095 South Garfield Rd.

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