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Self-defense Training

Designed for mature, young adults, high school age and up. This serves as a standalone course or as a continuation of the Campus Readiness Training or Personal Safety and Security Training.

This provides informed options and tools to help successfully mitigate dangerous situations that cannot be otherwise avoided. Other benefits of the training include enhanced awareness, confidence and critical thinking, which can positively affect every other area of life.


Some subjects include: mindset, the law and you are right to self-defense, threat identification, awareness, de-escalation, and physical self-defense methods. Special attention will be given to defense with or without a mobility cane or other tools found in one’s environment. Related subjects may include guide dog considerations. We use simple and effective impact and non-impact techniques taken from a variety of defense of approaches that are reasonable and follow industry best practices.

*Training can be customized to meet veteran or other client groups upon request.
Duration, 2 to 4 hrs. upon request.

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